• Chair - Mr Steve Hodsman
  • Vice Chair - Mr Simon Milner
  • Clerk - Mrs Carmel McHale
  • Executive Principal - Mrs Gail Young
  • Head of Academy - Mrs Elaine Jupp
  • Mrs Angela Stanage
  • Support Staff - Mrs Karen Markham
  • Teaching Staff - Mrs Louise Brewster
  • Mr Russ Taylor
  • Ms Genevra Austin
  • Mrs Jo Boyle
  • Mr Christopher Hoare
  • Mrs Pat Kemshell

School Improvement Partner (invited as required)

Observers (invited as required)
Mrs L Smith - Business Manager

If you need to contact the EAB, please contact Carmel McHale at carmel.mchale@northlincs.gov.uk or Louise Smith at smithL28@wrpacademy.org.uk


Dates of forthcoming meetings can be found in the first document below.