Views of the Academy

Pupil Questionnaire Results – carried out End of September 2017YES/ALWAYS or MOSTLYSOMETIMESNO/NEVER
I enjoy school71%18%11% (20)
I feel safe when I am at school80%14%7% (12)
Behaviour in my class is good.72%23%5% (9)
Behaviour in the corridors and other areas of the school is good.70%24%5% (10)
I learn a lot in lessons93%7%1% (1)
Adults in my school care about me and I know who I can go to if I have a problem.95% 5% (9)
Adults at school are interested in my views.80%13%7% (13)
I know how well I am doing at school by what my teacher says and does.  88%9%2% (4)
Adults explain to me how to improve my work.89%8%4% (7)
My school helps me to be healthy79%15%7% (12)
The head teacher and senior staff in my school do a good job.94%4%2% (4)

Parent Questionnaire results – 164 replies – October parent’s evening

 Strongly Agree or AgreeDisagree or Strongly disagreeDon’t know
My child is happy at this school.97%2% (4)1%
My child feels safe at this school.95%3% (5)2%
My child makes good progress at this school.97%2% (3)1%
My child is well looked after at this school.98%1% (2)1%
My child receives appropriate homework for their age.87%9% (14)5%
This school makes sure its pupils are well behaved.88%9% (14)4%
My child is taught well at this school.98%0%2%
This school deals effectively with bullying.76%7% (11)17% (28)
This school is well led and managed.92%2% (4)5%
This school responds well to any concerns I raise.   91%6% (10)4%
I receive valuable information from the school about my child’s progress.94%5% (8)1%

Summary of analysis of surveys and next steps


  • % of pupils who believe behaviour isn’t good enough is too high – staff training and review of behaviour policy on inset day. Senior staff to ensure consistency of application of policy throughout academy. Key year groups have arisen where children believe behaviour to be an issue.
  • % of pupils who do not enjoy school is too high – staff need to investigate why this is. Is this linked to behaviour? (correlation between classes where behaviour is deemed to be poorest and low % of enjoyment) or is this linked to curriculum?
  • Children clearly recognise that they are taught well and make good progress.
  • Children feel cared for and safe.


  • Strong recognition of good teaching, progress and pastoral support.
  • Homework – more investigation needs to take place around this. Is the lower % due to parents lack of understanding of the appropriateness of the homework or is it around the amount?
  • Bullying – work to be done around bullying. Are parents aware of what bullying is? Many parents use the term incorrectly when contacting school.  High % of parents do not know if it is dealt with effectively- this is likely to be because it has not affected them which is positive however it is our responsibility to make sure they would know what to do should it occur.
  • Behaviour – work completed with staff and children and clearer information around the behaviour policy etc should improve this %.