Foundation - Acorns & Pine 

Early Years’ Curriculum Letter - Autumn Term 1

This Term Our Topic Is…

Nursery Rhymes!

We hope you had a great summer, and the children are excited to start in their new classes. We are looking forward to getting to know them over the next few weeks.  We love to hear what your child has been doing at home so please make sure you have signed up to Tapestry so that you can add news about your child.

As readers we will be having phonics lessons every day. We will be learning how to differentiate between different sounds. We will be learning the sounds letters make and then blending them together to read words.

As writers we will be making marks in various ways and talking about what we have written. We will be writing the sounds we can hear in words and practising writing our name. We would love to see any writing you do at home too.

We will be really concentrating on holding our pencil correctly and forming recognisable letters.  We will be learning how to balance on different equipment and making sure we move around spaces safely.

As scientists we will be looking at the world around us and exploring all the signs of Autumn. We will also be looking at our body and learning about how to keep safe.

As artists we will be exploring how to make different colours with the powder paints and remembering to write our names on our paintings.

As musicians we will be making our own musical instruments and learning lots of different Nursery Rhymes.

As computer scientists we will be learning to complete simple programs on the computer and interactive white board.

Exciting News

On Wednesday 11th September at 9am, we are having a Reading Launch. We are inviting parents and children to a fun session, there will be lots of fun activities and even some special guests!

All children will receive an exciting gift!