Year 1

Summer Term  – Curriculum Newsletter – Year 1

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome back! We hope you have all had a lovely Easter break.  We are hoping that the children are ready to continue working hard in Year 1 and are looking forward to the term ahead.

This term the children in Year 1 will be following a topic entitled…


Our Town

We have started off our term discussing our holidays and all the exciting things that have happened - it sounds like everyone was very busy! The summer term is a very busy term for the children. They will have their phonics screening checks the week beginning 10th June. They also begin their transition into Year 2. It is a very exciting time for the children but can also be a worrying time for some children. If you are concerned about your child’s transition into Year 2, please come and speak to us!

ENGLISH -This half term we will be looking at writing recounts, creating our own traditional tale and exploring poetry. Throughout year 1, we will be concentrating on using our phonics to help us spell and will be working on our handwriting. As a year group we will also be reading the story Traction Man by Mini Grey.

As always the key skills we concentrate on are writing in sentences, using capital letters, full stops and finger spaces and beginning to use question marks.

PHONICS-We will be teaching Phonics twice every day throughout year 1. We will be learning phase 5 sounds in both lessons and recapping phase 3 sounds where needed. This is very important as the children will have a Phonics screening test in June and we want them to do as well as possible.

READING - Guided reading takes place every week.  Every day special reading activities are planned for groups of children with one group taking part in a focus Guided Reading session with the class teacher.  This group session will focus on reading and understanding the text.  Individual reading also takes place each week. We aim for two reads each week; however during busy times it may only be one. 

HOME READING - Home reading continues to be an important aspect of school and is part of the children’s homework. Regular home reading is one of the most significant factors in helping your child become a successful reader. This does not need to be every day but in line with other schools we look for at least 3 times a week. Please record this in their Reading Record book.

SPELLINGS & KEYWORDS - Keywords are checked in class and always in a different order from the list. Spellings are tested weekly.   It is also part of your child’s homework to practice their key words to read and spell every day with you.        

MATHS - We continue to build on previous Year 1 learning such as one more and one less and comparing numbers but we will now be looking at numbers up to 100. We will continue practising counting in 2, 5 and 10’s. This term we begin to explore money and look at the different coins and notes. We will begin to look at repeated addition and sharing to start getting ready for multiplication and division in Year 2.

SCIENCE This half term the children will be learning about materials. They will begin to explore materials such as plastic, glass, water, rock, wood and metal. We will look at a variety of different everyday objects and discuss what materials have been used to make them.

HISTORY – We will begin learning about The Great of Fire. We will learn facts about where the fire started and why it spread so quickly. We will look at key figures during the Great Fire of London such as Samuel Pepys and King Charles II and discuss what significant contributions they made. They will then begin to cover the topic ‘Our Town’ and will begin to explore what Scunthorpe used to look like and make comparisons to present day Scunthorpe.

D&TThis half term we will be designing and creating Tudor Houses. We will research how Tudor houses were made and what materials they were made from. We will be considering how to make our structures stiffer and stronger and will participate in practical tasks such as cutting, joining and finishing.

PE – Your child will need to have their PE kit in school all week. Please ensure all t-shirts, shorts, plimsolls and bags are clearly named as they often get mixed up during changing.

RE – This half term the children will be learning about Hinduism. The children will be learning about different ceremonies and festivals and they will get to participate in some of these as a year group.

OUTDOOR LEARNING – The children will get the chance to access outdoor learning as often as possible.  As a Key Stage we feel that it is important that your children get chance to spend time outside learning about the world around them on a bigger scale.  We are very lucky to have some excellent equipment for them to use. 

HOMEWORK – This will be handed out every Friday with the expectation of it being handed in by the following Wednesday.  We would appreciate your support in encouraging your child to complete their homework to the best of their abilities each week, without you actually doing it for them.

As always if you have any concerns regarding your child, want to know about their progress or even just to have a look at their work, please come in to arrange this, after school is better as we will have more time to spend with you. Thank you.


Miss Duggan and Mrs Waterland