Year 2

Autumn Term 1 – Curriculum Newsletter – Year 2

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome back! We hope you have all had a fabulous summer.  We are hoping that the children are ready to settle into their new classes and enjoy the challenges of their new year groups.

This half term the children in Year 2 will be following a topic entitled…

Castles and Knights

We will be visiting Lincoln Castle on the 15th October!


This half term we will begin by focussing on character and setting descriptions – using the story Rapunzel and film Tangled as our basis.  We will then move on to looking at different stories that are set in a castle with a particular emphasis on the story of Shrek.  Our poetry this term will focus on dragons.  In the final week we will begin to look at how to write a recount, using our trip to Lincoln castle to help.

As always the key skills we concentrate on are writing in sentences, using capital letters, full stops and finger spaces, beginning to use adjectives to add interest and building up stamina for writing.

Reading – Whole Class Reading sessions take place every day – our new book is particularly exciting and is called The Tear Thief.  The children will study the book, learn how to make predictions, ask and answer questions, compare this book to others with a similar theme as well as learn how to summarise passages from the book.  The children will also have a second reading session every day (in the afternoon); this session is going to be focussed on reading fluency and comprehension style questions and will be tailored for your child’s needs.  We will try to ensure that your child reads to an adult individually at least once a week.

Home reading - Home reading continues to be an important aspect of school and is part of the children’s homework. Regular home reading is one of the most significant factors in helping your child become a successful reader. This does not need to be every day but in line with other schools; we look for at least 3 times a week. Please record this in their Reading Record book.

Spellings and Keywords - Keywords are checked in class and always in a different order from the list. Spellings are tested weekly.   It is also part of your child’s homework to practice their key words to read and spell every day with you.  Your child will receive spellings on a Friday with their homework, they will be tested the following Friday.

MATHS - We shall be having a push on arithmetic focussing on counting, number bonds to 20 and times tables.  It is very important for children to know their times tables as it comes into so many aspects of their maths work and rapid recall of the multiplication facts is what we are aiming for. Please support your child with their times tables at home, or even on the way to school!  By the end of Year 2 the expectation is that children will know their 2, 5, 10 and 3 times tables.

During our Maths sessions, we will continue to build on the children’s previous learning. We will look at writing numbers in both words and digits, investigate place value, and develop understanding of + - ÷ and ×. There will be a focus on both reasoning and problem solving using all four operations. As always maths in Year 2 remains a very practical activity children will also be encouraged to use jottings as a method of solving problems.

SCIENCEIn science this term the children will be looking at how humans change from a baby to an adult, they will use photographs and discuss what a child can do compared to a baby etc.  They will also learn about the properties of every day materials; looking at how those properties can change depending on what they do to the material.

HISTORYWe will spend a lot of our time this term looking at castles – from the early Motte and Bailey castles through to stone castles.  The children will learn about the jobs people did in a castle, how people lived in a castle, what castles looked like, the parts of a castle and what they were used for and how castles developed over time.  We will look at pictures and images to help with learning.       

ART – The main art project that the children will be undertaking this half term is drawing a self-portrait.  They will learn how to use a mirror and template to draw accurately; they will then look at how to use a colour wheel to mix and match colours before painting their portrait.  Once we have visited the castle the children will children will look at using different medium to draw lines, including pencils, chalk and charcoal. 

GEOGRAPHY This half term the children will take a walk along Willoughby Road to look at the buildings and plot their own maps.  They will then re-walk the same route accompanied by a member of our community who will tell them what life was like on Willoughby Road when she was their age – this will enable the children to produce another map and compare Willoughby Road then and now.

DT – The children’s DT work will tie in with their history work – we shall be making our own models of motte and bailey castles.

PE – Your child will need to have their PE kit in school all week. Please ensure all t-shirts, shorts, plimsolls and bags are clearly named as they often get mixed up during changing.   Year 2 will have PE every Friday afternoon.

Homework – will be handed out every Friday with the expectation of it being handed in by the following Wednesday.  We would appreciate your support in encouraging your child to complete their homework to the best of their abilities each week, without you actually doing it for them.

As always, if you have any concerns regarding your child we will be on the playground every morning and afternoon, please do not hesitate to come over and speak to us.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Solly and Miss Coe