Year 3 & 4

Year 3/4 - Birch, Willow & Ash

Summer Term – Curriculum Newsletter – Year 3/4

Dear Parents, Carers and Guardians,

Welcome back! We hope that you have had a fabulous holiday!

This term the children in Year 3/4 will be following a topic entitled… The Tudors.

Please find below a brief description of what the children will be learning and studying

English – We will begin by writing narrative on using films/images to aid writing. We will focus on spelling, punctuation and grammar aspects such as inverted commas, conjunctions and apostrophes for possessive nouns.

Spellings and Keywords - Keywords are checked in class and always in a different order from the list. Spellings are tested weekly.   It is also part of your child’s homework to practice their key words to read and spell every day with you. 

Reading – The children will participate in Whole Class Reading sessions daily, which supports them in their understanding of a range of texts. This term we will reading The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Our main focus will be retrieving information and making inferences.

Home Reading – Home reading continues to be an important aspect of school and is part of the children’s homework. Regular home reading is one of the most significant factors in helping your child become a successful reader. This does not need to be every day but in line with other schools; we look for at least 3 times a week. Please record this in their Reading Record book.

Maths - We are focusing on the children’s arithmetic skills, as these are fundamental mathematical skills that come into so many aspects of their maths work. We also want to promote the importance of learning the times tables and a rapid recall of the multiplication facts is what we are aiming for. Please support your child with their times tables at home or even on the way to school.

This half term the children will be learning about statistics,co-ordinates, perimeter and area and capacity. We will be exploring these aspects of maths with a focus on developing the children’s fluency skills alongside their reasoning and problem solving skills.

P.E – The children in Year 3/4 will have PE every Wednesday, please ensure that they have their kit with them, including appropriate clothing and footwear to go outside as the weather gets colder.

Science – The children will be exploring creating experiments and learning  manipulate aspects of the test to ensure fair testing along with recording and evaluating results.

History – children will be exploring the lives of rich and poor people in Tudor times. They will also be exploring the religious diversity Henry VIII created. Lastly they will be looking at Tudor law and punishement

Art – We will be developing skills in stiching. Cutting and joining materials in order to create tudor money bags.

Computing - The children will be using purple mash to learn how to use different formatting programs such as Logo.

Homework – Homework has changed across the academy and we will no longer be handing out paper copies every week. Your child will have been given their log on details to mathletics, times table rock stars and bug club. They will be assigned tasks to complete. We would appreciate your support in encouraging your child to complete their homework to the best of their abilities each week, without you actually doing it for them. If your child has any issues accessing these at homme please let their class teacher know.

As always if you have any concerns regarding your child, want to know about their progress or even just to have a look at their work, please come in to arrange this, on the playground in the morning or after school

The Year 3/4 Team