Year 5

Year 5 - Elm and Oak 

Autumn Term 1 – Curriculum Newsletter – Year 5

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome back! We trust you have all had a fabulous summer.  We are hoping that the children are ready to settle into their new classes and enjoy the challenges of Year 5.

This term the children in Year5 will be following a topic about…



This half term we will be focussing our work around several story extracts including Goodnight Mr Tom, Rose Blanche, The Lion and The Unicorn and The Little Ships.  We will be writing diary entries from different viewpoints as well as non-fiction information leaflets about evacuees in the War. Finally, we will be using various sorties to help the children write their own narratives.  The children will be writing in the first person and the third person. They will be focusing on including the full range of KS2 grammar in their writing and incorporating all the writing skills they have learnt during their time at primary school. 

Year 5 will be basing their Whole Class Reading sessions on the book Cool! By Michael Morpurgo 

As well as Whole Class Reading we encourage all children to read at home regularly; they should be reading at least three times a week at home – staff will be monitoring this every week.


This half term there will be a focus on place value (including ordering numbers to 10,000,000), addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions.  We will be undertaking daily arithmetic sessions using as well as focussing on times tables.  The children will be tested on their times tables weekly – any support you can offer in helping your child learn / recall their times tables would be really beneficial.


Obviously this topic will be very history based – the children will be learning all about being an evacuee child in the war. They will be researching key figures in the war (Hitler, Churchill, Stalin, Anne Frank etc.), constructing a timeline of events that led to the start of the War and beyond as well as learning about the roles of both men and women during the war.  They will be looking at historical evidence and using replica items to make deductions about what it was like to live through World War 2.


We will be looking at the countries that took part in the War, where children were evacuated to and why they were evacuated there.  We will be looking at the Human Geography of areas in the UK where children were billeted to, using maps and their features.


Our major project this half term will be designing and constructing Anderson Shelters, the children will be researching how they were built, their purpose and what life was like when people had to use them.  The children will then design, build and evaluate their own scaled version of an Anderson Shelter.  We will also be looking at recipes from the time, rationing and cooking using those recipes.


Our main focus in Art will be the Blitz – we will use colours and silhouettes to represent the burning buildings of London.


We have organised a trip to the Imperial War Museum in London on the 18th October. The children will have time to explore the wonderful hands-on displays at the Imperial War Museum, we will then take a tour of London on the bus – making stops at Downing Street, The Houses of Parliament, Big Ben etc. and we will take a walk up the Mall to Buckingham Palace.  More details will follow soon.


The children will be given homework every Friday – this will consist of spellings, times tables and either Maths or English (as well as the expectation of reading 3 times a week).  Homework is due in on the following Wednesday.  If your child has not brought their homework back into school the expectation will be that they have to stay in at playtime to complete it.

If you have any stories / artefacts about the War or know anybody who can tell stories / talk about first hand experiences of the War please talk to your child and let us know if you can help in any way.

The Upper Key Stage 2 Team