Senior Leadership Team

Mr S Cooke – Director of Learning

Mrs S Cox - Assistant Principal - EYFS & KS1/Teacher - Pine

Mrs A Elliot - Executive Principal

Mrs E Jupp - Head of Academy

Mrs M Ornsby – Lead Teacher - Yew

Mrs B Solly - Assistant Principal - KS2/Teacher – Beech

Teaching Staff

Ms G Parker- Acorns

Mrs L Brewster - Larch

Miss L Buttrick - Ash

Mrs S Cox - Assistant Principal - EYFS & KS1 - Pine

Mrs M Ornsby- Willow

Miss M Coe – Yew

Miss L Cowan - Birch

Mrs S Dowding

Miss R Duggan - Cherry

Miss J Hunt – Oak

Mrs C Jackson – Elm

Mrs J Reid - Maple

Miss J Ritchie - Poplar

Mrs B Solly - Assistant Principal - KS2 - Beech

Mrs E Walker – SENCO

Mrs S Waterland - Bay

Learning Support Team

Mrs K Bailey - Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Barwick - Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Convery - Cover Supervisor

Mrs A Dixon - Early Years Practitioner

Miss L Donnelly - Teaching Assistant

Ms M Francis - Teaching Assistant

Mrs F Fillingham - Teaching Assistant

Mrs R Goubert - Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Hayes - Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Housam - Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Johnson - Teaching Assistant

Mrs H Jones - Cover Supervisor

Mrs G Krochmal - Teaching Assistant – Additional Needs

Miss L Newmarch - Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Pashley - Teaching Assistant

Mrs E Pingree - Social and Pastoral Officer

Mrs T Robertson - Cover Supervisor

Mrs L Sowerby - Teaching Assistant

Mrs R Steeper - Teaching Assistant

Mrs D Stringwell - Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Thackeray - Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Turner - Teaching Assistant

Miss C Welch - Teaching Assistant

Mrs L White – Teaching Assistant

Miss J Westwood - Family Safeguarding Officer

School Admin Team

Miss S Clarkson - Finance Manager

Mrs C Sweetmore - Finance & HR Officer

Mrs K Markham - Administrator

Miss K Brooks - Administrator (SEN & Inclusion)

Lunchtime Team

Miss E Adderley - Senior Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs K Hedison - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs K Hodgson - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Z Hodgson - Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss L Hopkins - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs M Sycamore - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs M Taylor - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs S Timmins - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs J Wade – Lunchtime Supervisor

Premises Team

Mr P Bradley - Premises Manager

Mrs K Hedison – Cleaner

Mrs S Huntley - Cleaner

Ms S Parsons – Cleaner

Mrs M Sweeting - Cleaner

Mrs S Timmins - Cleaner in Charge